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This program will decode your roster and syncronise it to your iPhone, smart phone or high end device, or create a comma seperated volume .CSV for importing to any calendar application.

It is free to try, if you like please pay the charge of £12 a year.




Roster Decoder is a web application (webapp) that converts a pilot or cabin crew roster from the published company format and sends it to the calendar application on a smart phone. Smart phones tested on are iPhone Blackberry HTC Nokia Samsung and windows mobile devices.

Roster Decoder is the only application to decode a roster in one step.

Roster Decoder works on all platforms i.e. MS Windows Mac OSX and Linux no software download is required and outlook is not required. Roster data is pushed to your phone.

www.RosterDecoder.co.uk is a secure website, this means that all data from your browser to Roster Decoder is encrypted. This is to prevent your passwords and roster schedule data being intercepted.

Roster Decoder is £12 a year if you like it, try it first with no limitations, then pay with PayPal.

This application works with rosters from the following airlines:-

Thomson Airways






Link to file required for eJL and CBP Logbook